Nov 4th – Electronics Recycle Day

Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB), Magnolia Data Solutions, Revell Ace Hardware & PRVWSD will hold their annual electronics recycle day on Saturday, November 4th at the Revel Ace Hardware Shopping Center located at 1919 Spillway Rd in Brandon from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Accepted items include: computers/computer components, desktop copiers, fax machines, televisions, cell phones, desk phones, VCR Players, DVD Players, electronic games, monitors, keyboards, printers, laptops, scanners, stereos/radios.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $3 charge per CRT monitors, $12 charge per LCD monitors & $20 charge per television. Everything else is FREE!

This charge covers the cost incurred by Magnolia Data Solutions from recycling these items properly and in keeping with EPA requirements. Magnolia Data Solutions is certified and one of Mississippi’s largest electronic recyclers.

It is important to properly dispose of e-waste because electronic devices contain toxic substances that can contaminate our soil, air, and waterways if they are sent to landfills. Most electronic devices contain materials that can easily be recycled and decrease demand for new raw materials. Your donation makes a difference!

KRB will also be collecting your old sneakers so they can be upcycled and reused instead of winding up in a landfill. So check your closets and bring any old sneakers you no longer use.

About Keep the Rez Beautiful

Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to litter cleanup, litter prevention, and beautification of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Formed in 2010, KRB is part of the Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB) and Keep America Beautiful (KAB) networks. KRB is the nation’s first affiliate to focus on a reservoir. KRB is in need of community partners and volunteers to realize its mission.

KRB’s success lies in the collaboration between citizens, businesses, public officials, and civic leaders all working together. KRB has won many numerous awards, including the William Nash Award, the top award that KAB gives to affiliates three years or younger in 2014. KRB funds projects through grants and leveraging local support. Waste Management, Lowe’s, UPS and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality are among K RB’s biggest supporters.

Litter Prevention

KRB works to define litter, identify litter sources, understand why people litter, reduce litter by changing behavior, organize clean-ups and educate on proper handling of waste.

Educating Our Future

KRB believes that improving our community starts with our children. KRB wants to work with students to clean up the Reservoir and teach them about the importance of being stewards of the environment.


KRB aims to improve the visual aspects of our community through programs that beautify the environment, including community gardens, restoration of vacant lots, highway and shoreline beautification , urban forests, native and wild flower plantings and graffiti abatement.