Boaters, Please Recycle This Weekend

Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB) encourages boaters on the Reservoir to tote their trash to boat launches and deposit in the proper containers. Dumpsters and recycling bins will be set up at Ratliff’s Ferry, an effort to make it easy for boaters to recycle aluminum cans. To promote the effort, members of KRB will be passing out huggies and other goodies at Ratliff’s Ferry on Saturday. Stop by and visit, and don’t forget to “boat and tote.” Live music and other activities will be held at the boat launch Saturday, too. For more information on Keep the Rez Beautiful, call (601) 856-6574.

Keep America Beautiful encourages its local affiliates (us!) to promote waste reduction and recycling. This recycling effort is our first foray into recycling in Rankin County. Tommy Blakeney, one of our board members, is coordinating our recycling efforts. Please send us any ideas on other places in the Rez area that need recycling opportunities. Right now, Rankin County and its cities offer no curbside recycling programs. That is something we want to change. We want to offer Rankin County residents the same recycling services enjoyed by Madison County residents.

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