Good news from the sandbars!

We have spent the past few months working with local officials to reduce the large amount of litter left along the upriver beaches each weekend. And this weekend proved we definitelty made progress, and we appreciate the cooperation of all of the folks who enjoy the Reservoir.

Typically, five boat loads of trash are combed off the beaches each weekend. This past Monday, it was only five bags.

KRB worked with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District to develop signs encouraging folks to “Treasure the Rez” (our slogan) by removing their trash when they leave the beaches. We’ve been calling this “boating and toting.” The signs were placed on the beaches, and the trash cans were removed. Dumpsters were placed at the boat launches, allowing people to dispose of their trash at those locations.

Why discontinue the trash service on the beaches? First, it’s expensive — nearly $50,000 a year. Second, much of the trash wasn’t making it in the trash cans. Many of it was strewn about the sands, and even worse, in the water!

(By the way, littering at the Rez can get you a $1,000 fine!)

During the weekend of July 4, KRB members set up recycling stations at one of the boat launches to encourage folks to recycle — rather than trash — their aluminum cans. We are looking at setting up permanent recycling bins at the major boat launches next to dumpsters. What do you think about this? Please give us your thoughts? Grant options are available for recycling, and this may be a good way to “Treasure the Rez.”

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  1. Definitely recycle everything practical.
    Suggest getting scout troops to build you 3-bay recycling bins for glass, plastic, aluminum.

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