Boaters encouraged to boat ‘n tote

The Friday leading up to Memorial Day weekend, KRB launched its Boat ‘n Tote campaign, partnering with Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc. and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District. The campaign encourages people using the Reservoir to dispose of their trash properly. WLBT’s Bert Case traveled with KRB up the Pearl River for the campaign’s launch, and then returned the next week to see the results. It’s looking squeaky clean up there!

Big thanks to our Nucor friends, who created the stands to hold the Boat ‘n Tote bags. It’s a good way to equip boaters with the tools they need to keep our Rez free of litter.

We’re also taking it one step further this year – we’re encouraging folks to dispose of their trash properly. This means putting waste in dumpsters and recycling materials that can be, such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.

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