Stream Stewards monitoring Reservoir’s water quality

Justin Fritscher and Deb Veeder test out KRB’s new secchi discs at Mill Creek. Volunteers will use discs to measure turbidity around the Reservoir area.

Volunteers with Keep the Rez Beautiful are planning to start a monthly monitoring program, measuring and tracking the health of the water in the Ross Barnett Reservoir and nearby creeks. They’re joining the Stream Steward program, now offered by Adopt-a-Stream Mississippi. Right now, data is limited in the Reservoir-area, and this partnership aims to engage citizens in monitoring.

Volunteers will use secchi discs to measure water transparency through using a black and white disk into the water and recording the measurement when the disk is no longer visible. A lack of water transparency reflects turbid water, which is the result of sediments and other suspended solids in the water. The results of these tests will be uploaded monthly to

Two trainings are set: Oct. 10, 11a-noon, at the Reservoir Fire Station/Library Complex, and Oct. 13, 9a-11:30a, at the Scenic Park site (on Scenic Drive between Turtle Creek Drive and Oak Drive).

If you are interested in helping in this endeavor, contact Deb Veeder at

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