Volunteers plant 60+ trees, shrubs at People’s Garden

Volunteers with Keep the Rez Beautiful planted 60-plus trees and shrubs at a garden located on Turtle Creek, near the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The majority of the plants were native, and many of them were fruit-bearing. This garden is registered in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s People’s Garden Initiative, and it is part of KRB’s larger plan to enhance the four-acre site. The planting, held Oct. 13, was the second phase of planting at the site.

About 30 volunteers gave their time to KRB’s beautification effort. Volunteers came from St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Nissan and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Big thanks to their “green thumbs!” Also, a thank you to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District for preparing the site for planting by digging holes and clipping grass!

KRB used the day to celebrate National Planting Day, an awareness event that is part of Keep America Beautiful’s Get Growing Initiative. National Planting Day’s purpose is to promote use of native plants, which are an integral part of the plans for this site. Native plants are those that are indigenous to a particular region. Because they are adapted to the climate, they require less water and are more resistant to pests. Native plants are losing ground to suburbanization, ornamental plants and invasive species. Learn more about how Keep Mississippi Beautiful and affiliates like KRB have celebrated this day.

We still haven’t decided on a name for the site yet. We have dubbed it Scenic Park, but our true vision for the site is a garden, where cyclists can stop and relax or people can visit for a picnic. Or what do you think of Turtle Creek Gardens? Send any suggestions for a name to keeptherezbeautiful@gmail.com. Additionally, we are working on signage that will describe the plants at the site as well as provide information on how rain gardens and other landscape features help the environment. As more information develops on this site, we’ll post it here and on our Facebook and Twitter sites. Keep up to date!

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