KRB Hosts 2nd GAC for 2017

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks’ officers recently requested a clean up in the Reservoir Spillway area.  On Saturday, October 22, the officers and several Boy Scouts and their parents participated in the efforts.  Over 50 bags of litter were retrieved from the rocks, boat landing and on the sandbars.  The group is looking for solutions to keep the area litter free.  KRB hosted their GAC there in April of this year.  A survey was taken and many of the people who frequent the area offered solutions such as more enforcement, higher fines for littering, more signage, more garbage cans, and charging a fee to fish in the area.      Until  the solutions are found……the trash that was picked up, WON’T go down stream to the Gulf of Mexico when the rain comes,  and the garbage bags won’t be flying in the trees.     Thanks guys and ladies for your help!

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