Solar Compactors

We have three new solar compactors (“Big Bellies”) installed at Turtle Point, Timberlake Campground and at the Rankin landing on Spillway Road.   We are so proud of these solar recyclers!   KRB has been instrumental in applying for a DEQ grant and working with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District and Waste Management…..we achieved our goal for a better way to eliminate litter around the Rez.  If you would like to help us with a ribbon cutting for the compactor at Turtle Point Nature Area, we would greatly appreciate the press and help.  The reason they are called a Big Belly is due to the fact that they will hold a lot of plastic, aluminum, cardboard and paper…and using solar energy, they are packed into a small bag when full.   The recyclables are then transported via PRVWSD to our recycle roll off at the Reservoir Fire Station on Spillway Road and then on to FV Recycling in Sumrall, Mississippi.   KRB partnered with Flowood recently and installed one in the Flowood Winner’s Circle Park as well.  Thank you to MS Department of Environmental Quality for helping us Recycle Often and Recycle Right!


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