New Building Inspector


Left to right: Supervisors: Daniel Cross, Jay Bishop, Steve Gaines, Jeannine May and Nancy Magee, Lynn Porter ( not pictured) KRB/PRWE , Buford Clark, WM/KMB & Supervisors Jared Morrison and Bob Morrow

On Friday, March 15…

Keep the Rez Beautiful presented a check for $25,000 to Rankin County for a new part time building inspector for the Reservoir area watershed, not including PRVWSD properties. The purpose of this new position will be to make sure that new residential construction sites are pursuant to county storm water regulations and that Best Management Practices are in place. This funding is part of a new water quality initiative in partnership with USDA Natural Resources to reduce sediment in the Reservoir, “The Pearl River Watershed Experience.” For more information on other KRB/ PRWE initiatives, go to

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